About us

  • 25+ projects
  • 70+ members in the NCE-cluster
  • 8 Smart City municipalities
  • 200+ jobs created
  • 30+ employees
  • 9 nationalities

Established in Halden in 2003, Smart Innovation Norway AS has led the NCE Smart Energy Markets cluster since 2009. The company has since then initiated or participated in more than 25 research and innovation projects, including 9 EU projects, with a total budget of more than 135 million EUR.

Smart Innovation Norway and the NCE cluster have grown from a local energy-trade initiative to a key national innovation player within the fields of Smart Energy, Smart Cities and Digitalization.

During the last couple of years, the company has also become an international business-oriented R&I player on large, prestigious Horizon 2020 projects, such as EMPOWER, PERMIDES and INVADE.


The Innovation Platform

The company consists of five business areas. These are NCE Smart Energy Markets, Smart Incubator, Design & Visualization, Research & Innovation og Smart Cities & Communities. The interplay between the business areas is known as Smart Innovation Norway’s innovation platform and forms the foundation of the company success.

The platform ensures interdisciplinary and simultaneous interaction, which creates efficiency, new values, economic growth and societal impact. See illustration below:



Digital expertise

The cluster boasts many IT companies and academic environments, including most of Norway’s leading expertise in Big Data Analytics and digital technologies, which are the drivers behind smart energy innovation.

The technology, which is generic, have huge transference potential to other industries and business clusters. Transference further facilitates favorable conditions for innovation and transition in Norwegian businesses, which are currently undergoing radical change.


Remarkable growth

Smart Innovation Norway is located at Halden Innovation Park in Norway. In only two years, the number of employess has increased from 9 to over 30. A talented team of researchers and innovators work rapidly on research and innovation tasks, projects related to smart cities and communities, as well as incubation.

Smart Innovation Norway has one of Norway’s most spectacular visualization centers, which houses many large events for private business, public organizations and academic institutions.

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Smart Innovation Norway
Håkon Melbergs vei 16
1783 Halden

Smart Innovation Norway’s main purpose is to practice independent, applied research within the fields of renewable energy and information technology.