What do we get as cluster members?

For the cluster, it is important that we together contribute to lifting each other up, and the value proposition is as follows:

We offer actors in the AI value chain access to relevant national and international networks, competence development, support for financing processes and enable research and innovation by facilitating and developing programs and projects that connect problem owners and problem solvers. This results in increased global competitiveness and sustainable growth for the benefit of society.
Our cluster partners get advantages:
  • Official status as a partner in Norway’s first industry cluster for applied artificial intelligence
  • Stimulate the company’s business development and R&I profile with access to special advisor within the EU programme Horizon Europe.
  • Active influence of Cluster for Applied AI’s priorities and initiatives.
  • Participation in joint competence development in various disciplines related to digitalisation, sustainability and AI, both as further education with increased formal and practical competence as a result
  • Discounted access to Cluster for Applied AI’s magnificent Simulation Center, with the possibility to create film and visualization activities
  • Participation in networking groups and innovation projects within different priority areas by agreement
  • Profiling through the cluster network, websites, publications organized by the cluster, etc.
  • Full access to common activities in the cluster network, including workshops, cluster meetings, participation in Cluster for Applied AI’s Partner Conference
  • Priority partner for new R&D project applications, as well as the opportunity to participate and share experiences/expertise in already ongoing projects
  • Discounted access to AI+, a leading conference on applied AI

Together we suceed – that’s why we also have some expectations for our cluster members:

  • Contribute to a sharing culture in the cluster with their expertise and experiences.
  • Active participation in at least one of the innovation groups in Cluster for Applied AI.
  • Participation in partner meetings and conferences.
  • Desire to contribute to value creation in one’s own company or organization, but also through innovation cooperation.
  • Contribute to the reporting of own hours.

Want to know more about becoming a partner in the cluster?

Contact Cluster LeaderMarianne Jansson Bjerkman by mobile +47 924 14 854 or
email marianne.bjerkman@smart