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Nordic Media Lab, a part of Smart Innovation Norway’s network, is a creative team which offers digital experiences through film, design and simulation.
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Contact Executive Producer / Director at Nordic Media Lab, Trond-Atle Bokerød, for more information:

We help our clients achieve their communication goals – and the user experience is our main focus. In a digital world in constant transformation, we work in the matrix between design, film, technology, research and experimentation.

We spend all our spare time to acquire new competence and knowledge, no matter what it is; an app, a gizmo or a new way to use a tool.



We make movies because film is the most powerful medium. A film that is not used, creates no value. Film is a strategically important tool and we help out with developing the strategy and purpose for the film.

Our strength lies in making complicated content understandable. Located in a strong research environment, we have learned to work differently and disruptively. We take the customer journey seriously, and our client is always the star of the project.



Design is used, felt and experienced – by people. We have specialized in design on screen that communicates effectively and meaningfully with the ones using it. Good design is created through understanding whom we are designing it for.

By combining client and user insight with creativity, we are capable of choosing the right technological solutions when creating great user experiences.

Design as method has significant strategic value. Design thinking is a practical, human-oriented method for innovation, which combines economic understanding, technology and design.

We rely heavily on prototyping. Depending on what we wish to design, we can choose everything from post-it notes to real-time, digital prototyping. The most important is arranging a visual prototype as early as possible. It saves time, ensures a common understanding of the goal, and saves money.

We mainly work within three areas of design:

  • User Interface Design
  • Interaction Design
  • Experience Design

We love experimenting – and new design challenges trigger us.



With simulation, we can create the experience of using a system, product or service which is not yet available. This can be necessary because it is still in an early stage in the development process. The simulation provides an opportunity to practice recreating scenarios which can be dangerous or expensive in real life.

In early-design and prototyping, the use of simulation as a tool can be immensely cost-effective and timesaving, and at the same time provide valuable insight into the final solution long before it is actually developed. The learning that is achieved through simulation leaves us with unique user insight and contributes to developing the best possible solution.

By combining our competence within film, design and visualization systems, we can create simulated worlds – either physically in our Simulation Centre at Halden Innovation Park, or through other digital channels.


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