New products and services are being introduced while others are changing form and content faster than ever. ‘Power’ is being challenged on every level: privately, commercially and in society. Whether we live in small communities or large, international cities; everyone is being impacted.

It’s been said that “everything that can be digitalized will be digitalized”. As this happens, entire value chains are often rapidly eliminated. We now have a society where almost “every role is in play”. Disruptive digital technologies have greatly increased end-user power.

This trend has been bolstered by the advent of the sharing economy, which is a disruptive power in itself, challenging current value chains. This power shift demands every business model be reviewed, changed and, in many cases, redefined.

Security is emerging as an increasingly important driver as rapid change, development and disruption conspire to increase uncertainties. Building trust and handling security will be crucial to new product and service value creation. What we are witnessing today is an exciting and challenging shift from Triple to Quadruple Helix focus.

Over recent years, the NCE Smart Energy Markets cluster has been a challenger in digital technologies with disruptive power while addressing growing end-user power, which is increasingly important to disruptive systems and solutions (Quadruple Helix).

NCE Smart Energy Markets is a pioneer of tomorrow’s energy markets with leading competence in energy, Big Data Analytics and Smart Cities.

Digitalization of society

Society is experiencing a technological revolution driven by new digital technologies, which challenge the way we live our daily lives as citizens and consumers.