Anja Wingstedt

Senior Advisor Smart Cities & Communities

Anja Wingstedt holds a MSc in Urban and Industrial Water Managment from Dresdens University of Technology in Germany. It includes one year of studies and a master thesis at SINTEF in Trondheim.

Anja has over 15 years of varied experience from sustainable water and industrial water management while working in various municipalities in Østfold. Since 2012, until joining Smart Innovation Norway in 2019, she has worked as a consultant at COWI. As a consultant, she has gained insight into the challenges that municipalities are facing today regarding water, industrial water and flooding management.

Anja is involved with the Smart City programs in Skiptvet, Halden and Borg Havn, where the main tasks are to initiate and deliver innovation projects in collaboration with business partners, funding organizations and public sector. Her focus will be on energy efficiency, digitization, sustainability and Smart City development in close cooperation with Norwegian municipalities, businesses, academia and end-users.



+ 47 458 82 878