Marianne Jansson Bjerkman

Cluster Leader, Cluster for Applied AI

Marianne Jansson Bjerkman holds a MSc in Food Science from the Norwegian University of Life Science, Ås, focusing on product and process innovation. She has also studied pedagogy and science didactics at Østfold University College.

In the past years, Marianne has been working as a project manager and product developer, first with Orkla Foods Norway in Kolbotn and later Brynild Gruppen in Fredrikstad, developing leading Norwegian brands. During this time, she has also held her own company, working with design.

In her current position as Cluster Leader at Smart Innovation Norway, she is involved in realizing innovative project ideas towards Cluster for Applied AI.

Marianne is motivated by the idea that systematic work with innovation and technology across different sectors can lead to a more effective and sustainable society and business environment. She highly values interdisciplinary collaboration, and aims to put creative thinking into systems.



+47 924 14 854