Victoria Næss Jensen

Project Manager, NCE Smart Energy Markets

Victoria Næss Jensen holds a MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation from Norwegian University of Life Science, Ås, with Technology Entrepreneurship from Rice University – Jess H. Jones Graduate School of Business, Houston, Texas.

Formerly, Victoria worked as a PMO for Sykehuspartner’s IT projects to the new hospital, Sykehuset Østfold Kalnes. Her role was to support the management in the program and to support interaction between various projects in Prosjekt Nytt Østfoldsykehus (PNØ).

At her current position as project coordinator in Smart Innovation Norway, she is involved in realizing innovative project ideas, both towards the cluster and towards our incubator.

Victoria works systematically and carry out plans with commitment and persistence, ensuring progress in project activities. She is motivated by innovation, progress, change and improvement.



+47 418 48 343