Incubator & Accelerator

Welcome to Incubator & Accelerator! We are one of Norway’s most ambitous incubation communities within the areas smart technology, energy, smart cities and sustainable business models.

The Incubator team is just as interested in contributing to rapid growth for spinoffs from existing businesses, as we are genuinely interested in startups. The speed of innovation and the need for adjustment, in order to meet the increasing digitalization, opens up for new possibilites for both existing companies as well as employees with good ideas outside of the core business, which is affected by the changes.

In our offices, we have room for new teams with innovative ideas and great ambitions. We are situated in an innovative environment, with sharing culture and high professional competence as our most important advantages.


Establishing a startup

We help startups and spinoffs with business development and commercialization, as well as getting ready for investors. Making sure the first phase of estabishing a new business does not become more expensive or takes longer than necessary, is important to us. We value the idea, the team and the ambition.

Before accepting startups in our Incubator, we seek advice with an external panel, and we adapt our tools to the needs of the startup. However, we expect the startups to know what they want to do and where they want to go with it – and to be open to our help.


Cluster collaboration

We work closely with the cluster NCE Smart Energy Markets in Smart Innovation Norway. Through the cluster collaboration, there are great possibilities for spinoffs, new business opportunities and ideas to get into an incubation process. We are in continuous dialogue with our cluster members and are also open to non-cluster companies that wish to contact us about startup opportunities.

Our incubation process is developed by Siva and consists of four phases, described in ‘Our Incubation Process’. Smart Innovation Norway is supported by Siva and Østfold Fylkeskommune, which make it possible for us to offer our services and offices for a low cost.