Kjell-Reidar Mydske

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Kjell Reidar wishes to make a difference with the people he meets and always focuses on sustainable change and improvement. With more than 17 years of national and international leader experience, he contributes to creating value through Lean Thinking, analytical skills and solid competence as a mentor.

He holds a Master in Organizational Sociology and has completed courses in Lean Thinking, Innovation and Leadership. Kjell Reidar also has experience as owner and entrepreneur in Flowit, and as mentor within business development through our programs for startups and cluster members.

Kjell Reidar describes himself as energetic, innovative, structured and easy to work with. His key experience and competencies and within: Telecom, Electronics, Welfare Technology, Manufacturing Companies, Management Consulting, Public Sector, Lean and Agile Methods, Retail, Sales & Marketing, e-learning, Digitalization, Transformational Leadership, and Incubation.



+47 907 38 479