Watch the pilot films from our EU project INVADE

Our current electrical infrastructure face several challenges in the coming years, one being a greater share of renewable energies, another is aging infrastructure. These challenges should be resolved in a cost-efficient manner.

Renewable energies and electric vehicles (EVs) change the way we consume and produce electricity. It also changes the way those who manage and distribute it must think about the electricity system – to always provide the best possible service for the connected customers.

The goal of the EU funded Horizon 2020 project INVADE has been to show that the technologies and solutions we have today only must be connected in new ways to solve the challenges of tomorrow. It has resulted in five successful pilot stories from pilot owners Albena AD in Bulgaria, Estabanell Energia in Spain, GreenFlux and ElaadNL in the Netherlands, Lyse in Norway, and badenova in Germany. You can watch all five pilot videos below.

Video : INVADE – Bulgarian pilot

Pilot site: Albena, Bulgaria

The INVADE project has showed that today’s solutions can be connected in new ways to solve the challenges of tomorrow. The Bulgarian pilot Albena Resort has combined a PV system, a solar thermal system and battery storage to increase the share of renewable energy in the hotel sector.

Video : INVADE – German pilot

Pilot site: Freiburg, Germany

The INVADE project has changed the way energy is used, stored and generated. The German pilot badenova has tested energy storage devices (batteries) to increase the share of renewable energies in the grid.

Video : INVADE – Dutch pilot

Pilot site: The Netherlands

The INVADE project has changed the energy business as we know it. The Dutch pilot owners, GreenFlux and ElaadNL, have explored the possibilities of matching energy demand to sustainable energy generation and improved smart charging of electric vehicles.

Video : INVADE – Norwegian pilot

Pilot site: Stavanger, Norway

The INVADE project has reimagined the power grid with intelligent technology. The Norwegian pilot Lyse has demonstrated how big data, machine learning and analytics can be integrated into existing smart home solutions, making them “greener”.

Video : INVADE – Spanish pilot

Pilot site: Granollers, Spain

The INVADE project has designed a flexibility management system using batteries. The Spanish pilot Estabanell Energia has demonstrated that a storage system shared with other users is safe, reliable and emission-free alternative to infrastructure expansion.