Downloadable presentations from the EMPOWER concept: 18.-19. October.

The H2020 project EMPOWER is hosting a final workshop to address local energy and flexibility markets. Emphasis will be placed on business models, business development and exploitation of the R&D results. We will invite important stakeholders from the Nordic countries, UK, US and Northern Europe. It will conclude with a panel discussion. The outcome of the workshop is to solicit business opportunities based on the work done in EMPOWER and yield input for various other ongoing projects like INVADE, E-Regio, FlexNett, and more.


  • 09:00 Welcome – Introduction and overview of EMPOWER by Bernt Bremdal
  • 09:20 Project Partner Exploitation
    • Tina Skagen, eSmart Systems, will discuss “How to capitalize on R&D by exploiting EMPOWER through scalable software-as-a-service approach”
  • Per Gjerløw, Schneider Electric, will address  “Connecting end-user architecture and flexible loads to cloud smartness”
  • Vidar Kristoffersen, Norgesnett, will focus on “DSO trade with flexibility – a substitute for grid investments?”
  • Terese Troy Prebensen, Smart Energy, will address ”New business potential for energy companies”
  • Q&A + Open discussion
  • 12:00 Lunch
  • 13:00 Challenges and opportunities
    • Arshad Saleem, KIC Innoenergy, Sweden, will talk about the role of battery technology
  • Davide Roverso, eSmart Systems, will discuss “Prosumer centric digital energy platform – a prerequisite for new local markets”
  • Dagfinn Wåge, Lyse, will address “Platform and multi-sided business models in the future energy market”
  • Christian Kunze, Smart Innovation Norway, will discuss ”Newtility – An EMPOWER Based Business Model for the German Market”
  • Panel discussion
  • 15:30 End
  • Can local energy markets boost increase local generation capacity (i.e. PV, wind etc.) and storage?
  • Can local markets help DSOs avoid congestion and voltage issues due to increased loads?
  • To what level can local energy markets create end-user engagement with respect to use of renewable energy and flexibility?
  • Are platform based business models suitable for combining sustainable climate and energy goals with business objectives?
  • To what degree do you think the EMPOWER platform provides an answer to the questions above?

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