FlexNett will increase future smart grid distribution flexibility in a cost effective, sustainable and reliable way. This will be done by demonstrating and verifying technical flexibility solutions in the market on different grid levels, benefitting different actors. The purpose is to identify the effect of solar production on flexibility. Firstly, however, the project will enable more efficient management of IT-security related to surveillance and control in the distribution grid. Secondly, it will manage people’s privacy with increased amounts of information due to increased surveillance and control. Further, the project will evaluate how flexibility can be available to third parties.

The project will foster increased flexibility on different grid levels and for different actors:

  • Internally for active customers in the interplay between consumption, production and energy storage, to contribute to more efficient energy consumption, new services and to reduce costs
  • In the distribution grid by placing energy storage in the grid stations to even out power peaks, for better utilization of existing network capacity, reduced coinciding power outtake, and postpone grid investments
  • In smarter operation of distribution grids through e.g. energy storage, remote controlled switch panels and voltage regulation, which will reduce power losses, create better delivery security and improve voltage quality.


FlexNett 2015-2017

Project manager:
BKK Nett

Project partners:
SINTEF og Smart Innovation Østfold (FoU-samarebeidspartnere)

ABB, Agder Energi, Aidon, Communicate, Eidsiva Nett, ELTEK, Enfo Energy, Hafenstrøm, Hvaler kommune, NTE Nett, Odin Media, Prediktor, Skagerak Nett, Smart Grid Norway, Smartgridsenteret, Statnett.

Bernt Arild Bremdal
Phone: + 47 900 61 173
E-mail: bernt@ncesmart.com

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in the future’s smart distribution grid