The initiative IoTSec, Security in Internet of Things for Smart Nett, was established in 2015 to contribute to a safe information system.

The project’s purpose is to build a national security center for SmartGrids and to educate cybersecurity specialists on the Master and PhD levels. The project will engage 15 professors, 15 PhD candidates and 20 master students.

IoT Sec will gather the most important cybersecurity actors and will increase security and personal security after implementing SmartGrids in Norway.

Program: RCN Forskerprosjekt IKTPLUSS

IoTSec 2015-2020

EB Nett, eSmart Systems, Fredrikstad Energi Nett, Fredrikstad kommune, Gjøvik University College, Movation, Norwegian Computing Center, Simula Research Laboratory, Smart Innovation Østfold, UNIK – University Graduate Center (Coordinator), University of Oslo, Department of Informatics (PA)

Dieter Hirdes
Phone: +47 905 50 268

Project web page:

Internet of things

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