With Hvaler as a pilot site, the program will make it possible for research, development and demonstration activities to focus on various future scenarios, contribute with new international road maps, and generate new ideas for relevant energy sector target areas. Smart Energy Hvaler is Norway’s no. 1 demonstration site for Smart grids and Smart energy solutions. Smart Energy Hvaler won ‘The local Climate project 2015’ award.

A «Smart City Norway-team» has been established, which will contribute to the development of the future sustainable cities and communities, building on the foundation Smart Energy Hvaler has established.

Program: SEH


Smart Energy Hvaler 2014-2016

Project manager:
Thor Moen

Fredrikstad Energi, Hvaler kommune, Smart Innovation Østfold

Contact person:
Thor Moen
Phone: +47 907 73 339
E-mail: thor.moen@ncesmart.com

Project web page:

The local
climate project