The VRI program creates regional value by supporting regional businesses through research, development and innovation processes. VRI Østfold has three areas of focus, where NCE Smart is leading “Smart Energy solutions”. The goal of VRI Østfold is to establish permanent structures which can increase the extent and level of business-focused research and development and competences in the region.

In Smart Energy Solutions, three of the business projects have been finished. Several other businesses have received support and applied for R&D funds through the program. At least two new businesses have been established in Østfold as a direct or indirect result of VRI.

Program: RCN VRI

VRI-3 Østfold 2014-2016

Project manager:
Synnøve Rubach, Ostfold Research

ARENA Magica, Høgskolen i Østfold, Innovasjon Norge, LO Østfold, NHO Østfold, Smart Innovation Østfold, Østfold fylkeskommune, Østfoldforskning

Victoria Næss Jensen
Phone: +47 41848343

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