HERE TO LEARN:  The delegation from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in Romania is visiting Smart innovation Norway with hopes of future collaboration. (Photographer: Mari Kristine Buckholm)

Constantly pursuing valuable collaborations, Smart Innovation Norway hosts a three-day visit from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca in Romania.

By Mari Kristine Buckholm, August 23rd 2017

A visit to open up new possibilities

“There will be some future calls in the Horizon 2020 programme. Maybe we can find collaboration partners here, create a network of universities and SMEs, and propose some projects as a team in the future”, notes Micu.

“They work in a field that is very well related to what we do. We are looking for potential partners in EU projects, and Romania is among the last additions to the European Union, so it will be good if we can push this collaboration and extend our connections”, supplements Dr. Iliana Ilieva, Senior Researcher Energy Economics at Smart Innovation Norway.


Understanding each other

The next two days will be spent visiting Smart Innovation Norway’s cluster partner Fredrikstad Energi and our pilot site at Hvaler, and visiting Innovasjon Norge (Innovation Norway) in Oslo.

“Our company’s prime focus is innovation. One of the steps leading up to innovation is building co-operation and getting to understand potential partners. This will help us in our innovation activities, projects and incubator business. We get a lot of possibilities from collaborative sessions like these”, explains Qazi Sohail Ahmad, International Project Manager at Smart innovation Norway, and responsible for the Romanian visit.

Phase two of the collaboration project entails participating together at Nordic Edge Expo 2017 in Stavanger in the end of September.

In the third and final phase, two of Smart innovation Norway’s employees will go to Romania for a visit in October.

“This is a small bilateral project between Romania and Norway, and we are here to establish possible future collaboration between our clusters, regarding energy efficiency, efficient buildings, and smart cities and communities”, explains Dan Doru Micu of the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca.


3-day visit

The first phase of the project consists of a three-day visit to Norway, and Micu and his Romanian colleagues (Andrei Ceclan, Horațiu Pop, Rareș Viorel Drăgan, and Andreea Baias) have spent the first day at Smart Innovation Norway’s headquarters in Halden.

“I was very impressed by the Simulation Centre. We saw a couple of movies and it looked like it was from the future! It was also interesting to listen to the presentation of the smart cities and communities, and the projects that have been implemented there”, says Andreea Baias of CREESC (The Centre for Resources in Energy Efficiency and Climate Change). She adds:

“It was a lot of information to process, but everything was very interesting and new in the sense that it already happened here, and we want it to happen back home”.


Possible H2020 collaboration

The Romanian delegation of five hope to learn more about how the employees of the successful non-profit company work to win EU projects.