Mikael af Ekenstam

Senior Advisor Smart Cities & Communities

Mikael af Ekenstam has extensive knowledge and long experience in working with topics central in the Smart Cities and Communities concept. This includes working with energy- and environmental related issues in highly profiled building and infrastructure projects, as well as designing low-carbon city development and planning for sustainable development in municipalities.

Specific topics where Mikael has in-depth knowledge include energy efficiency, renewable energy, green public procurement and carbon and environmental management in projects and organizations.

Mikael has a MSc in Environmental Science from Gothenburg University. He has previously worked as an energy and environmental advisor at Sweco, with project management as well as engineering. He also held the positions as Chief Sustainability Officer and Environmental Coordinator at Sweco Norway for a couple of years.

In Smart Innovation Norway, Mikael works with Smart Narvik, which is a smart city project with partners Nordkraft, the Port of Narvik and Narvik municipality. He will also work with the Smart Arctic Network, where the goal is to achieve a more sustainable development of society and business in the Arctic region.



+47 906 300 82