Ole Petter Finess

Special Advisor Smart Cities & Communities

Ole Petter has more than 20 years of experience as top-level manager in the public sector, where he has served as both City Manager/CEO (5 years) and Director of Culture, Environment and Urban Development (4 years) in Fredrikstad Municipality, as well as Director of Urban Development in the Agency for Planning and Building Services in Oslo Municipality (2,5 years).

From the private sector, Ole Petter has 12 years of experience as advisor and technical responsible for community data management at Norgit-Senteret AS (now a part of Cowi AS). Key tasks were concept and business development.

His areas of expertise include strategy development and process management within overall community and regional planning, smart city, innovation, digitalization and business development.

Ole Petter is chairman of the board in several publicly owned companies that work with societal development based on the principles of UN’s sustainable development goals.



+47 951 01 843