Whistleblowing Procedure

Policy: Everyone is urged to report matters they feel are a cause for concern. This procedure does not restrict your rights as a whistleblower.

Purpose: This procedure is intended to uncover censurable conditions (in Norwegian: “kritikkverdige forhold”) or other concerns at Smart Innovation Norway, and to implement Smart Innovation Norway’s duties under the Norwegian Working Environment Act (AML) chapter 2A.

Internal whistleblowing:

Employees can always, and are encouraged to, report their concerns internally. Smart Innovation Norway has retained Homble Olsby advokatfirma AS to act as our recipient of internal disclosures. They shall receive all disclosures and convey them to Smart Innovation Norway to the Processing Team (the CEO, the CFO and the company’s HSE representative), led by the CEO.

  Anyone who wants to make a disclosure must submit these to Homble Olsby advokatfirma AS in one of the following formats:
  • By e-mail to varsel-smi@homble-olsby.no
  • By letter to Homble Olsby Advokatfirma AS, Akersgata 28, 0158 Oslo. Please mark the letter with “Smart Innovation Norway AS, Ref saknr. 41330”
  It is also possible to submit the disclosure to the following:
  • To a manager or a representative of Smart Innovation Norway
  • To the safety delegate of Smart Innovation Norway
  • To an elected employee representative
  • To a lawyer (of their choice)
  When processing the matter, Homble Olsby advokatfirma AS will follow these guidelines: https://www.arbeidstilsynet.no/tema/varsling/slik-bor-arbeidsgiver-handtere-varsling/